“I am sitting for hours in the game: how to get rid of this dependence?”

In adolescence, when computers appeared, I played simple games: in tetris and balls that must be put in the line. Then I stopped doing it, I never felt myself a dancer. But over the past year and a half, many negative events have occurred: the husband drank, walked and died. And to relieve stress, as I explain to myself, I started playing balls.

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. There was depression. For about six months I have been playing this game from two hours a day on weekdays and up to six o’clock on weekends. It turned into obsession. I have a lot of things and responsibilities at home and at work, but I can’t force myself to engage in useful activities in the right amount – I do only the necessary, sometimes insufficient minimum and I play. Sometimes, to calm down, I can start playing right at work.

How can I stop playing? Did I have depression? 10 months have passed since the husband’s death, the marriage lasted 15 years. There is no personal life, but I don’t really want to. There are two teenage children with difficult characters. I feel like a lazy and scold for it, but there is not enough vitality. It seems to me that I do not have time to restore them after work.

Dear Yana, thank you for your frank letter. I will allow myself somewhat reforming your story – how would I do it at the reception and in medical documentation.

So. “A young woman, works, brings up two children. Has been married for about 15 years, relations in the family in the last two years have been conflicting, my husband abused alcohol. Against this background, the mood gradually decreased. The condition changed even more after the death of the spouse 10 months ago. It has become more difficult to cope with work and everyday household matters, a feeling of lack of vitality has appeared.


For relaxation, he resorts to the game in a simple game, gradually began to spend behind it regularly from 2 to 6 hours a day. Currently, it has practically ceased to enjoy this type of activity. Tend to feel guilt for your condition “.

As you can see, in this presentation, a mobile game seems more like a part of a painful mental state that arose against the background of a very difficult life situation and gradually worsened the last months.

I would very insistently recommend that you turn to a psychiatrist in order to discuss in detail both your present state and the history of your life. This is a fairly long conversation that will help to clarify the diagnosis and treatment plan. Your condition can be facilitated – for this there are both medicinal and non -valid methods.

But when your mood again returns to the good, even, you can evaluate the time costs of the computer game and deal with its role in your life.

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